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Deal Score+3

Human brains can be injured by impact, of course, or by exceptionally violent rotation of the head, when the brain remains stationary, giving blood vessels and nerves a yank.

Internal blood vessels and nerves yank parts of the brain around too in different ways, straining the vessels and nerves in the process.

Helmets (ISI certified ) are designed to handle major crash energy generally contain a layer of crushable foam. When you crash and hit a hard surface, the Thermo-foam part of a helmet crushes, controlling the crash energy and extending your head’s stopping time by about six-thousandths of a second to reduce the peak impact to the brain.

Rotational forces and internal strains are likely to be reduced by the crushing. We use strong pads inside the helmet they are there for comfort. The impact is so hard and sharp that squishy foam just bottoms out immediately.

In most of our helmets, a smooth plastic skin holds the helmet’s foam together as it crushes and helps it skid easily on the crash surface, rather than jerking your head to a stop. In activities that involve forward speed on rough pavement, rounder helmets are safer, since they skid more easily.

Today I am going to Review Best Helmets Under 1000. All Products Available on Amazon.

Let’s Start Review…

1. Steelbird SB-33 7Wings Gust Dashing Open Face Helmet

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Open Face Helmet., High Impact ABS Material Shell., Breathable padding with Neck Protector and Extra Comfort for long Drives., Italian Design and Hygienic Interior with Multi pore for better Ventilation During Hot Weather., Quick Release Micro Metric Buckle.

Available Colour — 6 more

2. Sepia NX Rider Open Face Helmet with Peak

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Sepia open face helmets are fully open at the front and bottom, which gives the helmet a unique look. Open face helmets are not less reliable than full-face helmets. Our helmet is made from light and durable material have a high level of finish and better fit.

Available Colour — 4 more

3. Vega Cliff CLF-LK-M Full Face Helmet

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Vega Cliff Full Face Helmet provides to all riders with a superior quality Cliff Full Face Helmet that guarantees to keep them safe and completely protected during their adventurous bike trips. The hard ABS outer shell reduces impact and offers extreme toughness and durability, ISI approved helmet.

Available Colour — Black

4. Vega Cruiser CR-W/P-DK-M Open Face Helmet with Peak

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Vega Cruiser Open Face Helmet with Peak is for the rider of spirit. With a rustic look with the UV clean finish, the Cruiser is the perfect example of how we bring elegance to helmets. With graceful attire, it is a true ‘masterpiece of simplicity’. The helmet has a silent chin strap lock. Offering an excellent fit and unparalleled comfort, this Cruiser Open Face Helmet from Vega is light in weight and made using the best quality materials for superior protection.

Available Colour — Dull Black

5. Sepia Muscle Rider Open Face Helmet

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Front anti-fog, anti-scratch and broad visual field clear visor. Heavily cushioned and very comfortable interior. Aerodynamic design for exceptional stability. Construction is lightweight without reducing durability. ISI approved helmet.

Available Colour — 4 more

Best Helmets Under 2000

6. Mototrance Open Face Helmet Matt Black

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Mototrance Nano Trace Open Face Helmet Lightweight helmet with aerodynamic styling. Hygenic Interior with Extra Comfort padding. High Impact Composite Material Shell. Quick-release strap for easy on and off. High-Density EPS. Italian Design. The helmet will fit most adults. Lightweight and ISI approved helmets.

Available Colour — Matt Black

7. Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Zap Classic Full Face Helmet

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High Impact ABS, ISI Certified, Quick Release Micro Metric Buckle, Leather finish touch – Off-road look, Shell: High Impact ABS Material, Shell: Aerodynamic Shape, Visor Unique Astronaut Aerodynamic Design, Visor: Scratch resistant & UV resistant. Visor in optical polycarbonate, Easy fitting visor with good ventilation, Ventilation: Points Across Helmets, Best in Class.

Available Colour — Black with Plain Viso, Red with Plain Visor

8. Autofy O2 Front Open Helmet

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Front Open design gives you a wide view angle making mountain, highway, rain driving easy and safe. ISI approved certified protection protects the whole face up to the jawline and chin areas. Polypropylene EPS inner lining works two ways both for comfort and safety by providing cushioning to the skull and adjacent areas.

Available Colour — Black and Grey

Best Helmets Under 3000

9. Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Dashing Black with Plain Visor

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Quick-release chinstrap mechanism for ease of operation and safety High-quality UV resistant Polyurethane paints used for aesthetic enhancement Dynamic ventilation system for increased airflow providing more comfort to the rider while driving Outer shell injected from special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic Regulated density EPS concussion padding lined with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen.

Available Colour — 4 more

10. Vega Crux Open Face Helmet

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Easy fit, easy visor fitting, good ventilation, neatly secured with a salient chin strap. Easy fit, easy visor fitting, good ventilation, neatly secured with a salient chin strap. 

Available Colour — White with Black

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